Power Station with "Vibration Signalling"


ULTRA'GO mini is a stylish and portable power charger battery station (power bank) for iPhone, iPad, iPod, smartphones, tablets and other USB-powered devices. The simple but elegant design of ULTRA'GO mini is a masterpiece of stunning craftsmanship.


This gadget fits easily into any pocket with its ultra-slim, lightweight and easy-to-hold design offering ultimate portability, whilst providing outstanding protection to the internal battery cell. The impeccable screwless aero-grade aluminium alloy enclosure reveals simple elegance and sheer class.


The "Vibration Signalling" feature indicates battery power status by varying vibration patterns. By simply lifting the rubber port cap and connecting the cable, this power station delivers high performance output for rapid charging to any device.


Vibration Signalling:

4 vibration alerts – 100% battery charge level
3 vibration alerts – 75% battery charge level
2 vibration alerts – 50% battery charge level
1 vibration alert – 25% battery charge level


ULTRA'GO mini is available in 4 striking colours: Metal Silver, Charcoal Black, Burgundy Red and Titanium Grey.


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